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Baptismal Font

The Lamb

The sculpture is created out of Honduran Mahogany, is the cover of a marble baptismal font. The sculpture was commissioned by the Kucenski children of Lona Susanna Lisowski in celebration of her 100th birthday, November 8, 2002.  Lona was a longtime active member of Peace. The sculpter, Nelson J. Nichols, a longtime friend of Lona through her son Ernie visited Peace had a few phone conversations with Ernie and with the help of divine inspiration arrived at the “Lamb of God" theme . 

The sculpture includes the following symbolic elements.

The lamb - representing Jesus

The loving protecting mother sheep = representing Mary

Entwined roots that supporting rugged tree trunks, swirling upward they eventually forming a cross and a shepherd’s staff, giving the sense of interaction between Heaven and Earth.

The Cross - Jesus as the sacrificial lamb

The staff - Jesus as Good Shepherd

The cross and staff meet at a point

Mr. Nichols said that although he had created hundreds of art works this one was particularly special because he felt spiritual inspiration and guidance in both the creative and sculpting process.

“My hope now is that others will experience this peace and comfort when viewing the sculpture as it sits atop the beautiful baptismal font. Additionally, I believe that Lona our beloved honoree will forever touch the lives of others through this art created in her honor. 

Sculpter - Nelson J Nichols

Though a painter and graphic artist through most of his life he also sculpted which he felt need to come from the soul. He called his style “Spiritual Expressionism.” He holds a bachelor of arts from the University of Miami and has done post-baccalaureate studies at the University of Central Florida and organizational studies at the University or Oklahoma.  Additionally he studied the basics of art (non-degree program) at the University of Scranton. 

At this writing (September 21, 2019) he is still creating art.

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History: Our Values

Founding Members of Peace

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”  John 10:27


Johann Schweitzer


Wilhelm Schweitzer


Phillip Schweitzer


Friedrich Schack


Matthaus Klees


August Eidinger


Frederick Eidinger


Matthias Rudat


Richard Brieswitz


Jacob Korban


August Schlesser


Gustav Monskie


Wilhelm Schmidt


Gustav Erkor


Jacob Pencek

History: Leadership

Pastors who Served at Peace Lutheran

Rev. Adolf Dasler                 December 1916
Rev. John c. Befus             June 3, 1917-July 29, 1918
Rev. Paul Engelbert             September 29, 1918 -August 17, 1921
Rev. Henry Camin            November 27, 1921 - 1964
Rev. Theodore Hanus             July, 5 1964 -January 1969
Rev. Rolf Buchmann        June 21, 1969 - 1972
Rev. Richard H. Drankwalter    September 2, 1973 - June 1975
Rev. Tim Nickel            November 23, 1975 -1979
Rev. Eduard Vajda            December 16, 1979-November 1988
Rev. Kerns (vacancy)        1990-1991
Rev. Charles F. Bunzel        April 28, 1991-1994
Rev. Kerns (vacancy)        1994-2000
Rev. Kristian Bjornstad        October 15, 2000-June 2018
Rev. John Babbitts        March 2019-January 2023

History: Text

Members who Served our Country

Loyalty to Christ and Country

If anyone has photo’s of these men and women in uniform and their service records to add here on our website, please get them to the church office. Also for the veterans currently in our midst, please share the specific conflicts in which they served.

December 7, 1941- August 1945

William Pensak
Leopold Klees
Otto Klees
Walter Matistic
David Jack
Adolf Smith 
Welland Byers
Gunther H. Griwatz
Gerald Jierski
Walter Wakowski
Carl Smith 
Arnold Klees
Ruth Monske
Raymond Meinberg
Ernest Schweitzer
Alfred Steckiel
Henry Camin
William Zdanowicz
John Morris
Albert Erkow
Edward Monske
Albert j. Schweitzer
Albert R. Schweitzer
Edward Zdanowicz
William Steckiel
Heinz Colbert
August Kulick
John C. Rohmann
Werner Ortmann
Evelyn Camin
Freda Monske
Edward Jack, Jr.
Lillian Schlesser
Herman Holzman
Arthur Matistic
Ernest Steckiel
William Domurath
Arthur Kulick
Howard Schack
William Kamansky
Ronald pensak
Anna Pensak
Lydia Pensak

Jerry Cornog
Edward Smith 
Ky Betts

History: Text
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