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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit- Matthew 28:19

Individual and small group mission opportunities from the membership of Peace Lutheran Church.

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MOST Medical Trip to Guatemala

Susan Crosbie

Susan Crosbie is going on a Lutheran MOST mission trip this September to an area near Quelzalterango, Guatemala, a mountainous part of Guatemala that doesn't have easy access to specialized medical services or in town eye care.  It would take the people weeks and several long trips back and forth to a larger city to get a pair of glasses. And the expense could make getting glasses prohibitive.  A MOST team medical person will give eye exams to check for eye infections, signs of cataracts and general movement of the eyes. Another MOST volunteer will do the eye chart exam using a special universal eye chart to check vision.  Another member writes down the eyeglass prescription and the next pulls matching glasses from our collection of 3,000 glasses. The last person in the line fits the glasses and checks that the glasses have actually improved the persons vision. Anyone with special needs or eye problems are referred to a medical clinic.  There are no charges for the glasses we provide.  A team needs at least eight people to man the different eye stations so it all goes smoothly.  Hundreds of prescription eyeglasses will be distributed and as many non-prescription sun glasses and reading glasses.  Thank You to all who have donated glasses, money to buy reading glasses and for your prayers for this trip to be a success.

Project Restore

Winter 2020

All of us heard about the devastating floods that ravaged Nebraska this year. The state suffered the worst damage in Nebraska history. Good Shepard Lutheran Church helped in the aftermath but is now looking  for volunteers ages 14 and up to  help Nebraska rebuild. Project Restore which has received a $135,000 grant from LCMS World Relief is providing, tools, housing, training, and safety equipment for volunteers willing to come and help. In addition, the church says that most of the volunteers meals will be provided as well. The only cost to the volunteers is their transportation to and from the site.
Our congregation has a great record of helping communities that have suffered a loss. That is one tradition Pastor Babbitts is anxious to continue.  If you would be interested in going out to Nebraska sometime in February or March and helping the good people there to recover please let Pastor or Amy Betts know!

Missions: What's Happening

The Lutheran Academy

The Lutheran Academy has been the main mission work of our congregation since 2007.  It goes on day in and day out with dedicated staff on the front lines of family ministry in our community...  What a blessing!

Missions: Welcome
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